A heart beating strong

Mizgeen was all smiles today for his very last echo at Sheba hospital.

Today marks one month since his major open heart surgery, and his heart is doing very well.

After monitoring his situation carefully for the last weeks, his cardiologists have cleared him to return to Kurdistan!

As soon as we told him he could go home, Mizgeen started squealing and dancing, saying “My dad, my sisters!” over and over in Kurdish.

He told me he could feel his heart beating so fast because he was so excited. He’s especially looking forward to his farewell party, which he has been anticipating for some months now.

MizgeenĀ has become good friends with all of us here during his stay in Israel, and we’ll miss him very much. “I’m going to Kurdistan and you’re going to cry about it,” he reminded me with a mischievous grin today.

He is absolutely right, but they will mostly be tears of joy that this sweet little boy is going home to his dad and his big sisters with a healed heart.