A Heart for Eternity

I arrived at the ICU to visit Ana only to find out that she just moved to the second floor. As I got there they had arrived a few minutes earlier and were settling into the room now. After the surgery yesterday her mouth appears to be healing well. She seems fine but is unable to rest for a longer period of time. Please pray for her to calm down and get some sleep especially at the night which is also important for her mom so she can sleep to have enough energy throughout the day.

It was lovely to spend time with Mom! She speaks English very well and I enjoyed talking with her. We had tea together and I updated her about the other children at the hospital.

Please! Keep in mind to pray also for an open heart towards the gospel. For God’s hand in her and her family’s life. We want the children to heal and get a heart that works but most important it’s for them to have a heart that is safe for eternity.

Every time a child leaves to go home they get a video with lots of pictures showing their journey to get a ‘new heart’. So for Ana the title would be ‘Ana’s new heart’- let’s pray for a NEW heart for her and her family- in seeing the one true Saviour- Jesus.