A hope and a future

Coworker Jonathan and I took a city bus up the hill to Hadassah Hospital this afternoon before the Shabbat began. I took a picture out the bus window. This lovely church is nestled in the hillside just before the hospital. We were on our way to meet our latest arrival from Gaza, little Majed.

Majed is stationed in Hadassah’s Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. His escort is his grandmother. When we entered their ICU room, she was feeding him a bottle which he loved only when it was from her hand.

I tried feeding him the bottle and this is what he thought of that:

Majed is diagnosed with Pulmonary Atresia. Thus far, the plan is that Majed will receive a catheterization on Monday to open up his pulmonary valve. He’s such a little guy to pass through this health condition so I pray for a new hope and a restored future for Majed. God bless this procedure on Monday, may Majed come through it successfully.

There is a cheerful mobile floating from the ceiling, to the left of his crib. Majed is too tiny to notice it, but it was a pleasant contribution on Hadassah’s part nevertheless. I pray for a hope and a future for Majed and that all goes well on Monday.