A huge miracle

Today, when co-worker Sabrina and I went to Sheba Medical Center to visit Alaa, he was not in his room. We were told that he would be back in about an hour. For us, it was no problem, because some people are worth waiting for.

His face lit up when he saw us, and it made me so happy. I have been waiting a long time to give him a hug, and today was the day. I asked him if he has any idea how many prayers have gone up for him, and he gave me an embarrassed smile. He does know how many have been praying, because he has read the encouragements written to him, and about him. When I told him how much stronger he looks now, and what a fighter he is, he replied, “Yes, I’m getting stronger every day.”

When it was time to leave, he held my hand in his, and once again was standing in awe over God’s goodness and love for him. He is a miracle, a huge miracle, who won’t give up! ️

Continue to pray for him and bless him and his family as well. And don’t forget to pray for all the medical staff. They are truly a blessing.