A Joy to Bring Home

Beautiful Mina was discharged from the hospital today. Her mum was packed and ready. The hospital staff had helpfully prepared some medicines, and were so friendly in giving us the information regarding her discharge.

Mina looked so cute in her pink snow suit with a hat on as well! She sat happily in her car seat and watched the lights of the cars during her drive home. It is the first time that she has been to Shevet, as she came via ambulance in such a hurry. Its hard to imagine her as described by Nate, who escorted her on the plane, with her oxygen dropping below 20%, only a week or so ago! Mina was full of life today, and we are joining with the joy of her mum, as God has worked a miracle in her little life.

She needs to return to the hospital for an echo next week, so please ask God to continue his healing work in her life.