A joy to see her

COVID-19 restrictions have thus far prevented any of us here at Shevet from seeing little Asmaa. However today, as her grandma needed some more medication, I was permitted a brief visit to see them both. It was so lovely to see them again.

As soon as I saw their two beautiful faces, I realised just how much I have missed them! It was a delight to be reunited with them both for a short time. They both seem to be settled into the new department, and were tucking into a spread of various foods. Asmaa had some pretty hair clips in, and was very happy.

Of course they are both eager to come home to us as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Asmaa still needs to wait for a better blood test result. As she has a new mechanical valve in her heart, it can take some time to get the INR levels in her blood just right, and it needs to be adjusted with medication. She also had a test over the past 24 hours to assess the electrical activity of the heart. So although it seems that the end of her stay in hospital could be in sight for Asmaa, still there are a few more things which we hope and pray will soon be cleared up.