A joyful arrival

Today little five-month-old Shan arrived from Kurdistan! She and her beautiful mother are very happy to be here.

After a bit of a wait getting through passport control and finding ways to carry the luggage, Shan, her mother, and one other family exited Ben Gurion airport safely.

Shan is a very beautiful little girl, and fell asleep as soon as we got her into the car seat. Her mother speaks Arabic fluently, so we were able to communicate with each other somewhat. Shan has transposition of the great arteries, a condition which should usually be corrected by surgery within the first two months of life. She is now five months old, which makes her situation a bit complicated.

The day after her late night arrival, Shan is going to Hadassah Hospital so the doctors can decide on the best steps for her. Please pray for this lovely baby girl as she starts this new stage in her life.