A joyful day

We are really glad that Malak is finally able to return home. Now that there is space in the hospital in Gaza, Malak can be transferred tomorrow.

After four months in Sheba Hospital, Malak’s father and her brother back home are really excited to finally see her again. Malak’s mother has been excited to go home for days now and as I spent a lot of time with her today, I could feel her true joy throughout the day.

Later on I met her again with Malak in the hallway. She looked really happy in her stroller and we had a lot of fun with her. When she comes back to Sheba Medical Center in a few weeks, she can continue her treatment and will probably get a PEG tube surgery.

We thank God that Malak is now feeling so much better after staying in hospital for so long, and for the reunion of their family and for a safe health status until they return.