A last appointment for Eliyas

We went to Sheba Medical Center today with our blessed Eliyas to keep an Echo appointment and a check-up appointment for him. Eliyas was calm and smiled at us as we played with him during the waiting time. He was a very pleasant adorable little boy to be with. And thank God, we waited a very short time for the medical team to call us in.

The Echo was very good. The doctor was happy with Eliyas, and said that he has grown some and has a healthy look. Eliyas’s father was proud of his baby boy!

Eliyas was fitted last week with a halter to measure his heart activity for twenty-four hours. The results from the halter reading were very good so the doctor discharged him to go to Kurdistan.

Thank God for his care above this blessed boy. It was so nice to see how glad Eliyas’s dad was for his beloved son. Thank you so much for all your faithful prayers. Eliyas’s recovery was fast after a dangerous surgery. All the glory to our Heavenly Father!