A lengthy surgery for Ghena

Today I went early to Sheba Hospital because of the heart surgery for our little Ghena. When I arrived at the waiting area, Ghena’s mother was already there. She was afraid for her baby girl. She did not cry, just sat with an anxious mindset. I asked her if she wanted coffee and she took some happily. I was glad to make the waiting time pleasant. But not just me! There were other Arabic-speaking families who also took some time with her.  It is so nice to see how open and helpful their culture is with eachother.

Ghena’s mother told me the surgery can take anywhere from four to six hours. After almost this length of time waiting, we didn’t hear any information as to how the surgery goes. Suddenly one doctor came to us and told us they could do much for this small heart, as in switching the arteries. and they needed more time to close the chest. It was really good news.

So after some more time, again came another doctor to explain to us that it was a huge and dangerous surgery. Unfortunately, Ghena started to have some bleeding. The last two hours were too difficult for Ghena’s mother to wait. She was walking around and looking through the doors towards the surgery area. She was afraid about Ghena’s condition.

After almost nine hours of waiting, our little Ghena came out of surgery. The mother was so happy! Praise the Lord, He kepts the little girl safe. The bleeding was stopped, but the doctors were very careful with her. She is in surveillance from medical staff in the critical care pediatric ICU on the sixth floor.

We pray for a wonderful improvement for little Ghena! Please keep praying with us about her and her lovely mother. We need your prayer support.