A letter to Israa

My dearest Israa!

I love you to pieces. Visiting you is always such a joy. It’s very hard for me to keep a certain (emotional) distance cause you are so lovely and sweet in every way.

I cannot express how happy I was to see that you were doing so much better than when I saw you last Thursday.

Good news darling: they took your chest drains out so that you’re able to sit and stand now. That’s why we also had to wash you today. I am so sorry, I know you were quite upset because of that… I promise it was only for your best!

Your wound is healing extremely well, by the way. We were able to take the plaster off already. And the nurse also removed the annoying cannula from your neck. Besides, your oxygen was 100% without any oxygen therapy. I can’t tell you anything about the x-ray they performed today because the doctor needs to look at it first.

Hopefully, you can come home soon so that we can play with your doll and the bouncy horse again. I am praying for you to continue in your quick recovery.

Love you!