Witnessing life

I was shocked to see Somaia last time I visited her at Sheba Hospital. She was lying there with her eyes open but still, so lifeless. I was simply scared to come close to her with a sense of overwhelming helplessness, and took the picture and hurried out of the room. I then remembered the words of a sister in the Lord who said we shall be confident in the knowledge that just holding our hand on these little ones and softly whispering to them, can make a huge impact, and these words called to mind, encouraged me tremendously.  I was determined to come closer to Somaia today.

Good thing that I had my coworker Margarita with me; she has powerful words of prayer inside of her. Margarita prayed in Spanish and I in Japanese, while each  of us gently touched Somaia’s little feet. I’ll never forget what happened.  Somaia opened and moved her eyes around, sucked the pacifier in her mouth and slightly moved her arms.  I witnessed life. Lord, you knitted Somaia in her mother’s womb, and you breathed your breath into her nostrils. I pray that you pour out the greatest mercy on Somaia and revive this little life back to strength.