A life preserved

Mohammed is just one month and twenty-three days old; he and his lovely aunt came to Sheba hospital today for his first assessment. The echo confirmed his transposition of the great arteries, but he is on the edge of turning two months so there is not yet a clear decision regarding the need for a two-stage repair or just the one ‘switch’ surgery.

The echo technician remarked how well Mohammed did throughout the long study of his heart. He drank a lot of milk, which was the reason he kept so calm. His aunt, who is new to all of this as well, is really a kind and a diligent lady.

Please pray for both of them as their time here begins. Please pray especially for Mohammed’s surgery, as co-worker Colin wrote previously, Mohammed was recommended to come to Shevet when he was two days old, and in a week he will be two months, the lateness can lead to complications.
But God has preserved his life thus far, and so we pray and trust He will continue to do so.