A little fighter

Our brave little Brwa had a surgery at Sheba Hospital today.  The doctor said everything went smoothly until the last part, when he had a little trouble as the left part of his heart was not pumping well. The doctor decided to place Brwa on ECMO as a precautionary measure after reading the echo.  The doctor said he is optimistic because Brwa was doing ok even without the machine for a whole hour, which was a good sign. The doctor wanted to understand exactly why his heart was struggling, so Brwa had a CT scan post-surgery. The result was good, and Brwa stays on ECMO for a while to give his heart a little  rest so that it can do its work when it is ready.

I do not understand Kurdish, and there was not much I could do for Brwa’s m0m.  I just prayed to God while she was calling Allah’s name, crying out loud, and watching a doctor with a kippa doing his best for Brwa.  Brwa is tiny, but is surely a fighter! Lord, bring a new morning and let his heart beat strong.