A little girl in a big hospital

Rifan is girl with a cardiac background.

She underwent surgery at Sheba Hospital about a year ago. According to her mother, since the operation, she has difficulty breathing, phlegm, and from time to time she is taking inhalation.

Rifan was afraid of the doctors and the tests, we tried to calm her down but it seemed that the experience was not pleasant for her and she cried. The pulmonologist prescribed Rifan several drugs for inhalation. Later, we went to  the cardiologist for follow up and to check if the difficulty of breathing is following a cardiac or pulmonary cause. Rifan kept crying as she was hungry and scared. We gave her some food.

Later the doctor gave a sedative medication. The medicine made her nauseas. After sometime the doctors were able to do an echo where they detected a recurrent coarctation in her aorta and decided to hospitalize her. A catheterization to widen her aorta will probably take place on Tuesday. We hope that the doctors will find a good way to help her and that her condition will improve.