A little more patience and weight needed

Hena went to Sheba hospital today for another Echo and to check if she is ready yet for her catheterization. She enjoyed her Echo and wasn’t crying because her uncle, who is with her all the time, took loving care of her, making sure she wasn’t crying.

In the Echo today, the doctor could see both of her pulmonary arteries which is a good sign.  However, Hena is weighing only 3.9 kilograms now which is still not enough for her to undergo a catheterization. The doctor is very helpful and wants to make sure that little Hena will be okay for her cath.

Hena’s uncle needs to be patient for at least two more weeks.  They scheduled an appointment for a catheterization for lovely Hena in two weeks, hoping that she may have gained enough weight by then.

Please pray for this and for ongoing patience for her uncle.