A long-awaited catheterization

Since Marya’s catheterizaion got cancelled on short notice the last time, we had prayed a lot for her next cath to happen soon. Marya was called in yesterday and her cath was the first thing scheduled today.

When I met her dad he was sitting in the waiting area and calling someone. His worry for his beloved daughter was clear to see but he smiled through it strongly. During the wait we started talking about football (soccer), his family and the other children. Even though his mind was occupied with his own worries, he still cared for the other families. This love and compassion impressed me deeply.

The moment he laid eyes on his daughter he jumped up to be by her side. Still the concerns in his face did not cease until the doctor approached him, saying that the cath went great and that they will be able to do the surgery soon. Marya‘s father smiled and took his place at the side of Marya’s bed. His eyes resting on Marya during her needed sleep. Whatever she will need, her father will be by her side, ready to provide it.