A Long Day

Our sweet Noora is back in the hospital. In the middle of the night Noora started feeling ill and had a fever. This morning Noora continued with fever and stomach pains. She wasn’t active, which is abnormal for this sweet girl. She cried a lot, vomited her medicine, and had an episode of diarrhea. We then made the decision to take her to the Emergency Room.

When we arrived to the ER, Noora either slept or just stayed on her grandma’s lap. She cried a lot through a blood test and IV, and received some more anti-fever medicine. After the blood results came back the medical staff determined Noora needed some IV fluids and antibiotics. They also ordered a chest x-ray. Noora continued to be upset through it all. The doctor determined her to have gastroenteritis. Thankfully her chest x-ray was fine. She was admitted for IV fluids, antibiotics, and observation. We are hopeful it will be just for a few days. The medical team was very nice throughout this experience and was very happy to practice their Spanish with me (Diana). We waited around 20 minutes for an inpatient room, and once admitted they took a few more samples to test. She was sleeping as I left. Pray for her healing and rest.