A Long Day

This morning I received word from Mohammed’s mother that the doctors had received the results from the cath yesterday and they would be able to move forward with surgery. This was wonderful news and even more wonderful when they said they would perform his surgery this afternoon!

He went into surgery in the late afternoon and his mother was very nervous about the operation. The doctors said they were hoping to close two holes in his heart and it would be a longer surgery, around 6 hours.

Praise God, the surgery ended a few hours later with a good report from the doctors, the surgery was successful! They were able to close both holes and found that there was another small one but it did not need to be closed as they believe it will close on its own. His mother was so relieved and overjoyed to hear the wonderful news.

We thank God for this precious life and ask for your continued prayers in these next 24 hours which are always critical. If all goes well, they will extubate him in the morning.

Thank God for His steady hands on this little boy’s life.