A long day

It was a long day for Alaa today, who came from Gaza for a cardiology appointment at Sheba Medical Center. As he is an adult, he came alone, and Julio met him at the Erez border. It took a long time for Alaa to be allowed through the border,  so they came first to our home in Jaffa and had lunch, which made the day nicer, as they were both tired.

Alaa understands some English which made it easier for communicating, making the day together very enjoyable.

At the hospital, we praise the Lord that a helpful and proactive echo technician began his assessments whilst the details of the paperwork were still being sorted out.

The purpose of today’s appointment is to see whether he can have another heart operation. His last surgery took place when he was ten years old, and he is now 26, so it was a long time ago. We will know the outcome of the assessment tomorrow when Alaa will return to the hospital to see the cardiologist. For now he is staying overnight at our home in Jaffa.

Please pray for a good consultation tomorrow with the doctor, and for Alaa to be blessed by his stay with us.