A long day at Sheba Medical Center

A CT and neurological check-up. That was today’s plan for eleven-month-old Kenan. Because of the CT, he couldn’t have eaten anything for six hours beforehand and his mood wasn’t the best. While we waited a long time for the CT, Kenan kept crying, his mother showed strong nerves. She pushed the pram up and down and even helped coworker Lena and I to learn some Arabic vocabulary.

After Kenan was done with the CT, the doctors observed his condition for 1 1/2 hours in the recovery room. There he slept well and, thank God, was able to leave the room refreshed. In about a week we will receive the results of the appointment, for which you are welcome to pray.

But that was not the end of the day for Kenan. In the neurology clinic, for example, the doctor tested his ability to respond to stimuli and asked the mother questions about his current stage of development. Thank God, Kenan has been making good progress. He still applies to catch up, but follow-ups are no longer necessary. It’s enough if his reflexes and motor skills are stimulated every day with exercises and toys. How beautiful it is to see God bringing improvement in Kenan – Let us praise the Lord!