A long day for beautiful Lava

The day started early today at Sheba hospital for beautiful Lava and her mother. They had to see the ENT doctor as Lava needs to have a bronchoscopy.

In the beginning of the day she was in a very good mood and happy as you can see in the beautiful picture of her. Lava had to see a nurse and two different doctors, all of whom really love little Lava. They were helpful all day for us.

The bronchoscopy was scheduled for tomorrow, and she would have to go to the ICU directly afterwards. However, there is no available ICU bed right now so the procedure needed to be re-scheduled.

Lava’s mother had a beautiful attitude all day even though we had to go from one place to another. The cute and lovely Lava got really tired from all the examinations and long waiting times, so she did fall asleep in between and afterwards.

Please continue to pray for patience for Lava’s mother and for her cute daughter.