A Long Day for Noora

It was an early start for me, Svea, Noora and her grandma. Despite the hour, there was a little line of mums who woke up to come to the door to wish them farewell. Haji kissed them and cried, and we headed to the car. And then, another sweet sight, as the lovely little cluster of “the Bahdini mums” braved the chilly morning and came outside to wave Noora and Grandma off.

Lovely Noora was a perfect patient for the process to be admitted for orthopaedic surgery tomorrow. Unlike with the familiar cardiology department, patients for orthopaedic surgery need to meet with 4 or 5 different people, so Noora’s sweet nature seemed even more of a blessing today. For the most part of the day, she happily joined in with examinations and tried chatting a bit with the doctors saying “OK!” and giving thumbs up.

One of my favourite things about having Noora here with us is being able to see the genuine love and affection which her family have for each other. As ever, there was contact throughout the day with Noora’s father on video chat. The doctor needed to ensure that he consented for the surgery on behalf of Noora, and so this led to one of the elaborate multi-person translation situations, which we get ourselves into every so often at Shevet. I love the way that God always provides a way for the right outcome; it is not always smooth and polished, but each time, it reminds me that we are working as a family, with people with a loving connection giving what they can to help the needs of another. And, I really see the beauty of the Father in times like this.

Today this involved phone call chains between me, the doctor, Grandma, Noora’s father in Kurdistan, Dr. Fitoon translating into Kurdish from India, at one stage even Fitoon’s mother, and at various points also Mohammed’s father, who has recently returned from Israel to Kurdistan. All of these helping to pull the translation together to help lovely Noora to be able to get the surgery so that she will be able to walk in the future.

And so, the doctor was able to describe the surgery which Noora will have tomorrow so that Grandma and Noora’s father could understand; it is a very typical surgery, but for Noora it’s complicated by the fact she is now 4 years old, and the surgery is usually carried out before a baby is 1. The doctor explained that they will make 3 incisions, amending the hip socket, breaking and shortening the thigh bone, and also working on the muscles to ensure they will continue to work well. Noora’s father expressed his gratitude to the surgeon, and said how he places Noora in the hands of God.

The last thing I want to share with you about today is so we can join together in prayer. Noori was very upset when she had to wear the hospital pyjamas and even more so during her blood test. It took 4 of us to help holding and comforting Noora so that the nurse was able to draw her blood. She screamed and cried for the whole process. Grandma remained strong as her tears fell onto Noora also. Its such a distressing time, but poor Noora seemed so deeply upset for a very long time afterwards. Please pray for her that she will have peace and not to remember this which she has found so upsetting. Pray for His hand to be upon her and protect her during the surgery tomorrow, and that it will be successful. Praise Him for working so beautifully and pouring out his love into Noora and her family.