A Long Day in the ER

Saida’s mother told us in the morning that he was in bad condition. Saida had a fever all night and had difficulty breathing. So we decided to go to the Emergency Room at the hospital. The doctors checked the breathing and the oxygen and then they needed to take some blood testes. And here it started to be tough – the doctors could not find the right vessels in Saida’s body. They tried for about one hour and finally they did it. Saida and his mother cried a lot and his mother wanted to stop with everything and just go home. Margarita and I prayed a lot for her and Saida.

After the blood tests, we waited for the doctor to see us again. We had a long wait. After about two hours they wanted a urine sample test.  This went much easier! After all the tests, we met the cardiologist. He performed an echo and then some more blood testes. He told us that everything was fine with Saida but that his mother should observe him and see how he feels. Saida’s mother was very happy that everything was well with Saida and that she and her baby could go home and rest.