A long day with Asmaa

Dressed in a bright pink tracksuit, Asmaa sat in the back of the car, tightly clutching her matching pink balloon. Ahead of her ultrasound this afternoon, Asmaa wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything all day! Despite this, she was really happy and, over the course of the morning, she gradually started to come more and more out of her shell. Christian and Emma, our visiting volunteers from Denmark, had a great time playing with her. Asmaa particularly loved Christian’s balloon game. A beautiful smile crept across her face as they chased it round the waiting area together.

We had a really, really long wait for Asmaa’s ultrasound. After the balloom game, she became a train driver. She really got into the role – directing us all to the carriages and enthusiastically beeping the horn.

A few hours later we were told the news that Asmaa’s surgery wouldn’t be tomorrow and they were going to send her back to Jaffa after the ultrasound. Her grandmother was obviously really disappointed with this news and kept asking when the surgery would be. It must be so hard to come to the hospital thinking the surgery will be the next day, and then to have it postponed.

As the wait grew longer, we could all feel the tiredness descend on the room. The combination of tiredness and hunger was taking its toll on Asmaa and she was fed up. Then Lisa started singing “The wheels on the bus”, one of Asmaa’s favourite songs. She seemed rather sceptical at first, but as we all joined in, complete with actions, her beautiful smile returned. She kept insisting we sang it again, and by the third time was doing all the actions too!

When it was eventually time for the ultrasound, Asmaa was really brave, and didn’t even cry! After a long day, she was finally allowed to eat again, and we spent the car journey home pointing at all the different things we could see out the window.

Please pray that the grandmother would have patience while they wait for the next surgery date. She is a real gentle and kind woman, and shows Asmaa so much love.