A Long Day with the Best Company

Sometimes it’s a long day in the hospital when the children are going to be admitted for different procedures. But each time of waiting is different. Today I had the pleasure to be all day with our sweet Mateen and his amazing mother. They really had a long and exhausting day. In the morning we arrived at the hospital for an ECG and check of vital signs.  Mateen cried a little more than his last time at hospital but the nurse blew bubbles for him and I put on some music, and this was enough to calm down him. Later the doctor performed an echo, and after we went for a chest x-ray. The next step was waiting for the doctor to explain to mom the procedure for tomorrow, followed by a wait for Mateen’s bed to be ready.

So, we had a long, long time of waiting in the echo area of hospital today but mom was really patient and we got to know each other better. Mateen’s mother was a little tired and anxious because last night she couldn’t sleep as she is thinking a lot about her beautiful son. This is the first time that one of her sons is going to go to surgery. But her family is a great support for her. We spent our time talking to each other about our families, along with Georgia and Sophie. We were able to eat together and Mateen had many opportunities to fall asleep whilst resting on my legs. He is really an amazing boy;  my favorite thing about him today was when he was smiling at me. Each time that I saw mom with Mateen I could see true love. She really loves him. Although she is tired and is afraid of the unknown at the moment she is really brave and strong.

Finally the doctor called us – she was very nice with us and she explained everything to Mom and Dad (on the cellphone) because Dad can speak Arabic, so he was our translator today. The doctor answered all of the questions that they had. After that, we went to the ward room and a kind nurse welcomed us, took vital signs for Mateen, and she took us to Mateen’s room. Mom was very happy that the room was only for them.

I put Mateen in his new bed and he fell asleep immediately. Maybe around 20 minutes later, the nurse called us and took us to the procedures area. In this place the doctor did a blood test and took swabs, put in an IV line for fluid and asked mom some questions to get ready for the catheterisation. Mateen was a really brave boy; he didn’t cry because his mom sang for him all the time. When they finished with the tests, I took mom to the room again and I gave her a hug and prayed for them. She was very happy that someone was with her the whole time. Tomorrow morning Mateen is going to have a diagnostic cath. If this is successful, he is going to have his surgery soon. Please pray for this beautiful baby and for strength and peace for his Mom.