A long echo

Mohammed had a long echo this morning. We heard from his Cardiologist that she sees his heart is functioning well and that the surgery looks very good. He has been “discharged” from his post-operative Cardiology perspective. This is really wonderful news and of course the mother was happy to know that Mohammed’s heart looks good.

He is not however yet discharged from the hospital as he continues to present with neurological problems. He is responding well to a medication which helps him to calm, so he is not crying in distress all the time. His feeding is affected, and this is presenting the biggest barrier to him being discharged from the hospital.

He is fed exclusively by NG tube, and will have an assessment on Sunday to see how safe his swallowing is. The doctor wanted to inform the mother that sometimes children who do not have a safe swallow need to have a gastrostomy. We can’t know yet if this will be necessary for Mohammed. Everybody hopes that Mohammed would be able to eat and drink safely again, as normal. He is a child dearly loved.