A long fast and a fast shot

Today was the potentially big day, the day that Asmeen’s kidney problem is solved so that she could go back to Kurdistan! At Sheba Medical Center, she received a Deflux Injection to her right kidney which helps the kidney to avoid letting urine wash back into the kidney after it is ejected. This ejection has about a 70% success rate, and we chose to go for it, and pray that it works.

We started early this morning, with a beautiful sunrise drive to the hospital, which Asmeen mostly slept through. After arriving, we got to the secretary’s desk, but discovered quite a problem; we were never given a surgery invite form or a hospitalization form. She was scheduled and in the system, but we never got the form itself; we proceeded to go from office to office, working to get these forms, eventually we contacted some secretaries who were to arrive at 8 am and could authorize her hospitalization. We patiently and eagerly waited, this trouble behind us.

After arriving in the operation room, all of this commotion woke Asmeen up, which made her remember how hungry she was from her eight-hour fast. She was cranky for a while, and we tried to calm her down, but soon enough the doctors came and took Asmeen went into the procedure. It was probably the quickest procedure I have yet experienced, we were waiting for only an hour before being notified it was done, and then one additional hour before she was out from anesthesia and I got to see her.

Doctors had only good news, it looked like her kidney was a good candidate for success in it’s proportions and reaction, so the doctor was optimistic about the treatment working! Asmeen was then given the all-clear, so we took her to her room in the hospital and gave her a long-awaited bottle of milk. She downed her whole bottle barely taking a single breath, and then went to trying desperately to get her mother’s phone. I left the hospital with Asmeen happy and exhausted from a very very long day.

We will pray for Asmeen, that this injection will work and we can send this sweet little girl back home to her family, we can only tell with time if the injection worked, and for now, we can only wait, wait, and have faith that our God is the God of healing and compassion.