A long hospital day but with a happy ending

We didn’t expect this day to be so long when coworker Doro and I set off with Anas to the Sheba Medical Center this morning. A nephrology appointment was on the agenda.

To make sure Anas didn’t get kidney stones, the doctor had a whole series of blood and urine tests done. Unfortunately, we had to repeat the blood tests twice because the old tests were not meaningful enough. By now it was late and the offices where the blood tests normally take place was already closed. So coworker Doro went with Anas to the ER to have the remaining blood tests done there.

How nice that in the meantime, our former colleague Amelie called to say hello to Anas. This caused a bit of distraction. Earlier last year, when Anas had his complicated surgery, Amelie had met his grandmother and developed a good relationship with her. On the phone she expressed her delight at how big Anas had grown and how good his condition was. Praise the Lord!

Finally, after a long time, all the tests were done and the doctor was able to get a clear picture of the situation based on the results. Thank God there is no risk that Anas could have kidney stones. To be on the safe side, the doctor wanted Ana’s doctors in Gaza to continue urine testing. In principle, however, the doctor is not concerned and has also refrained from prescribing Anas medicine.