A long road ahead

Today we visited Qusai and his mother in the Pediatric Cardiac ICU at Hadassah hospital in Ein Karem.  Co-worker Claudia took Erika and I along for our first visit. Qusai’s Mom was visibly happy to see Claudia.  She was at her son’s bedside; he is still on a ventilator with many monitors, but was somewhat active and wiggly.

Mom joyfully showed us a short video of her beautiful boy with his eyes open! The head nurse gave us a bit more information about Qusai’s diagnosis and recent surgery. He has a long list of cardiac issues: Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia; small pulmonary arteries; a double right-sided aorta with vascular ring; and tracheal compression.

This last part is the most concerning, since the abnormal aorta and the blood vessels arising from the aorta made a circle around the trachea (windpipe) and made it soft and narrow as it developed. As Qusai gets weaned from the ventilator, his windpipe will need to stay open. Qusai had bronchioscope (camera scope) yesterday to evaluate this area, and results were as expected.  There was some narrowing, but it was mainly open.  This will allow the medical staff to continue to slowly bring down the ventilator settings, as he tolerates.

Qusai has a long road ahead of him with multiple surgeries in his future, but he has started well and strong.  His mother is devoted and loving. She has two other children, a seven year old and a six year old, waiting for their baby brother to come back home to Gaza.

During the conversation, Claudia saw something interesting with the main nurse’s shoes (you can see it in the picture above).  It looks like she is really in the shoes of those who serve others with heart problems; she really loves what she is doing and we could feel it.

As a summary, we conclude that if we are involved with people, we need to understand that our work is also our calling and this nurse definitely a calling. May we all flourish in our callings and remember that where our own shoes are concerned, how mightily blessed are the feet of those who bring good news!