A long road ahead, but worth it

After an interventional Catheterization yesterday, Mohaned returned to our Jaffa house today where he will be for another month before his next Catheterization.

During the time he is with us, Mohaned’s mum will be learning how to do the physiotherapy that is so important for his lungs. She’s said that as long as Mohaned is okay, it doesn’t matter the time that they are here.

His mother is not alone in her commitment to him. The doctors who are treating him are truly incredible and are doing everything they can to help him. So many people are contributing to saving his life.

Tonight, the three Gaza families staying in Jaffa, including Mohaned and his mum, ate dinner with our modest number of Shevet staff. It was a good way to end the day, and even though Mohaned still has a long road ahead, it is all worth it for him.