A long wait

Arya is already two months in Israël and is patiently waiting with his mother for the next steps for him.

Right now Arya is waiting for a brain and spinal MRI, which is scheduled in the middle of January. We are trying really hard to reschedule the MRI earlier, but until now we didn’t have luck with that. It is frustrating for Arya’s mother to have to wait so long for surgery, especially because Arya’s normal saturation does not come above 75 and we see that he needs this surgery as soon as possible.

For us it is not a problem to have Arya’s mother and Arya with us in Ashdod. The mother is so kind and patient and we are getting to know each other better every day. Arya is a bundle of joy, making funny faces and playing with his football. Please pray for him. We need God to work on Arya’s heart to be able to heal. Please pray for patience for Arya’s mother who misses her other children and husband. And we praise God for everything that he has already done in Arya’s life.