A lot of character

Our beautiful little friend Lara had an echo at Sheba Hospital Thursday, and thank God her heart is still doing very well a month after surgery. She has some slight narrowing near her pulmonary valve as a result of thickened muscle walls in her heart, but her cardiologist thinks this can be resolved with medication. He’ll see her again in a week to check how her new medicine is helping.

While this was disappointing news for her mother, who was hoping to go home to Kurdistan after this echo, we are grateful that for the most part, Lara is doing very well. She’s a smart little girl with a big personality; the first thing her cardiologist said to us today was, “She has a lot of character, doesn’t she?” We’re excited to have another week with Lara and her mum here in Ashdod. Please pray for good echo results for her next week.