A lovely surprise

When I went into the room in the ICU in which Yadgar and his lovely mother were staying, a lovely surprise awaited me. Cute little Yadgar greeted me with his beautiful eyes and was wide awake. I didn’t expect that when I entered the room, but I was really happy to see him like that and I am thankful for God’s grace on his little life so far as he is doing so good only two days after his surgery.

Yadgar’s mother shared with me that she is very happy as well. If Yadgar is feeling badly, then she is feeling badly.  However as he is doing so well now, she is also in a really good mood. She told me that he is not eating well as yet because every time she gives him milk he is vomiting after he drinks it. So she has to keep trying.

She is a lovely mother and taking such good care of Yadgar. She is also a great encouragement for the other Kurdish mothers whose children are also in hospital, and many in the ICU. They love and appreciate each other and help each other.

Please pray for Yadgar that he may improve in his eating. Please also pray for his mom, for peace and strength. In the picture above, it is from left to right, Yadgar’s mother, Lava’s mother, Asmeen’s mother and me. I’m very happy that they all have each other as they speak the same language and are kind of going trough the same situations, feelings and everything together.