A magical time

Both Kenan and his mom quickly became very popular with our staff when they stayed the night in our Ashdod house before a Neurological appointment at Sheba Medical Center the next day. Kenan’s enthusiasm and the constant, firm handshakes he gave to everyone, several times, were so polite and funny, and his mom came with lots of snacks she gratefully shared with everyone. Some of my coworkers who picked them up at the border the day before had a blast playing with him, so I was also looking forward to getting to hang out with him too.

After finding the waiting room for neurology, we all sat down to wait. Kenan quickly got bored, and a little cranky, especially after dropping the delicious-looking plum he was munching on, and he started crying. I had a magic trick ready to go, the cure-all for a crying child, and while Kenan was impressed and confused about how I made a small ball disappear from a vase, his mom had her mind blown. She had an enthusiastic reaction that felt like a standing ovation, and she showed immediate interest in it. After showing her how to do the trick, and then showing her another trick, we got back to waiting, and playing with Kenan, trying to keep his spirits high.

After a while, we got into the doctor’s office, and then after a little longer, one of my coworkers who can speak Arabic arrived to translate. The doctor asked the mom if there were any problems, she told him that sometimes he would get upset when she told him “no,” but the doctor assured her that wasn’t a neurological problem, and that he was doing perfectly well.

Kenan and his mom got back to Gaza safe and sound after that, and we are looking forward to seeing him in about a year for another routine check-up. We are praising God for the healing of this boy, and the blessing which he and his mother have been to all of us. Praise God!