A million thank you

Alaa appears to be responding well to the diuretic treatments, and is looking better. However, he still has some fluid build-up in the stomach. He will have an ultrasound-scan tomorrow. We saw one of his doctors also, who explained that Alaa is having Pulmonary Hypertension, and this, with some valve-regurgitation, has been the root cause leading to the fluid build-up.

Still, the good news for Alaa is that he is being treated well, and recovering. His uncle, who accompanied him here and has been often by Alaa’s side, has a few health troubles of his own and has therefore returned home to Gaza.

Alaa is feeling OK to be alone for a while, so he tells us. The uncle changed into a smart suit and tie ready for the journey, and of course offered us tea before leaving. He left us with the grateful phrase from his kind heart, saying “a million thank you,” and entered the gates of Erez, but not before helping out the young mother of another baby returning to Gaza after heart surgery. God bless this man.
Thank you for your continued prayers for Alaa.