A miracle

To my great joy I found that our sweet little baby Mam had been moved from the ICU to the Surgical department of Hadassah Hospital today. When entering his new room I met his mothers smiling face, holding her phone pointing it towards me. She was typing the good news to me, and suddenly to her surprise I appeared. This precious little son of hers looks like a baby again, peacefully sleeping unaware of how close to death he has been. He has survived not only one, but two big surgeries in a short period of time, and God in His mercy has kept him safe through it all. His mother nodded when I said, “I’m so grateful to God, Mam could have been dead by now. He is truly a miracle.”

The nurses are teaching Mam’s mother to change the enterostomy bag, and I admire the peace and strength I see in her. She has gone through a very hard time, and there is still a long way to go. Please keep little Mam, his mother and the wonderful hospital crew lifted up before God.