A miracle that this young man is alive

Khalid arrived in Israel tonight for surgery.

This young man grew up in Sinjar. This place was brutally attacked 5 years ago by ISIS as a part of a nearly successful genocide attempt against the Yezidis people. Even though Khalid is a young man, his heart defect is generally considered a pediatric issue. Children with this defect usually die, or have the defect corrected surgically before reaching adulthood. Khalid’s father told us that they have been worried about him for so long, and it feels really good to finally feel that they are in a safe place.

We found Khalid’s oxygen saturation to be 78% of normal, with only slight cyanosis, so we’ve taken him to our Jaffa home to rest until his first evaluation at the Sheba Medical Center on Wednesday.

It is a miracle that this young man is alive, and I rejoice to think of what God has in store for this special family who has been through so much.