A Mother Knows Best

With no sign of fever, and Bella happily playing, chatting and generally being her normal lovely self yesterday, Bella’s mum said to me she didn’t think Bella was quite right. We tried to unpack her symptoms together and felt that maybe her recent change in milk had been the culprit of Bella’s poorly tummy although mum persisted in thinking this was unlikely. We tried to get Bella to drink some rehydration formula, to which she protested with great disgust, which mum had predicted might be the case. She knew this because she knows Bella very very well. Mums almost always know best when it comes to their child so this morning after a challenging 24 hours for Bella and her mum we took Bella to the Emergency Room at the same time as Noora.

God blessed our time in the ER with both poorly children. Despite the circumstances there was a lot of joy had during the time. Diana did an amazing job of being with both children and keeping spirits high as they had blood tests, IV drips and were later admitted for overnight observation. It is so encouraging to see the light and love of God reflected by our community members.

Bella is suspected to have gastroenteritis and will stay in hospital tonight. Please pray for her speedy recovery and for mum to have peace at this time. Please pray for protection for our whole Shevet community against sickness.