A mother’s feeling of relief

This afternoon, coworker Amelie and I went to visit Lara and her mother at Sheba Medical Center.  Lara’s oxygen level is now at 100, and it was the very first thing Lara’s mother told us excitedly.  It was encouraging to see her eyes filled with relief.

However, the doctor and Lara’s mother told us that Lara was filled with fluid.  Amelie and I were very worried when we heard this, but were told that it is nothing to worry about.  Lara’s mother repeated the sentence, “the doctors said it is normal for the patient to be filled with fluid after the surgery so I’m very glad.”  She also excitedly told us that her daughter was supposed to have another surgery later, but was informed by the doctors that she wouldn’t need it!  We were very happy to see Lara’s mother so ecstatic about Lara’s improvement!

We also asked Lara’s mother if she got any sleep last night.  She told us that she did not have time for sleep this whole week, especially because her daughter keeps on waking up and trying to pull out all of the wires that are attached to her.  “I need to be right next to her so that she can’t detach anything,” her mother said.
Please pray that Lara’s mother would receive the rest that she needs, and that Lara will continue to improve smoothly.