A Mother’s Whole World

When I entered his room I could see his beautiful mom sitting in the chair watching her baby, she was waiting for the medical team to  take her son back to the surgery room to close his chest. while we waited I tried to convince her to eat something and rest a little on the sofa while I watched her little baby, because she seemed tired but I understood that Dino is her everything. Finally, the medical team came and took the beautiful baby for his procedure, we stayed with his mother in the waiting room and thank God, there was the mother of Mina there that helped us distract her. After about one hour, thanks to God, Dino came out of the operating room! His mom stayed at the door until the nurse finally came and told us we could go to see him, praise the Lord! Everything went as expected, they closed his chest and if everything goes well, maybe tomorrow he will be extubated.

Please continues praying for this beautiful baby and for his complete and rapid healing and for strength for his lovely mother at this time.