A new adventure

Mohammed Mosa is a one year and six month old boy from Iraqi Kurdistan. His father and Mohammed traveled to Israel yesterday, and Mohammed was immediately admitted to Sheba hospital in Israel.

Our memories with Mohammed Mosa start with visiting his family less than two weeks ago in his home in Iraqi Kurdistan. They welcomed us into their home and his grandmother handed me Mohammed. He was crying, with his face, hands, and feet, a dark purple.

His oxygen levels were in the 40 % range without oxygen, so we asked his family to please keep him on oxygen all the time. After he was cradled in his mother’s arms with oxygen support, his oxygen levels slowly started to improve.

We sat in their home together with his family and cousins, drinking tea and exchanging stories. Mohammed’s family had to move from near Mosul to Zakho Iraqi Kurdistan due to ISIS.

At birth, Mohammed was given three months to live. However Mohammed has far surpassed this expectancy. His family has hope for him in Israel.

His family is so kind. Every time we see Mohammed’s grandmother, she reminds us that she is not only praying for Mohammed but for us. We also are praying for Mohammed and his family every day.

With our portable oxygen concentrator, we took Mohammed to an echo and to get a corona test in Kurdistan, as well as get to know his family more. The local cardiologist reiterated the severity of his heart condition and wished us safe travels as we left. Mohammed was diagnosed with a heart condition called Double Outlet Right Ventricle. His heart is even on the other side of his little body.

At the airport, his family asked us to take care of Mohammed. We trust that God will care for every detail of Mohammed. As we traveled to Israel, his father was nervous but excited to start this new adventure with Mohammed. We entrust Mohammed to our God and pray for his new adventure in Israel.