A new arrival

A new Gaza baby has safely arrived in Sheba Hospital today. Co-worker Markus and I were blessed with the privilege of welcoming tiny Taleen.

As we stepped into the ICU, we did not know if it was a boy or girl or who the guardian might be. We were sent to a room and found our new baby. The beautiful girl we encountered took my breath away. Her small face and her sparse reddish hair are in perfect harmony. She is an astonishingly beautiful creation from our Father in heaven. Little Taleen has already taken on a very long trip with being only five days old. She is accompanied by her grandmother who greeted us warmly.

I was once again amazed by the love of the grandparents who accompany their grandchildren on this unknown and long journey, fully focusing on making the children feeling save. Taleen’s grandmother had to leave behind her family and the safety of her own home, freely choosing an unknown and over-whelming environment. Regardless of all these new and confusing experiences, Taleen’s grandmother smiled at us and her granddaughter.

The doctor told me that there were some mistakes in the medical report and that he has to confirm with the doctor in Gaza. Therefore they were not able to work out a treatment plan yet. But even though we might not know exactly what her body is dealing with, her Father in heaven knows. He Looks at her with so much love and he sees every single cell that is not working or not in the right place as it should. He will never miss a thing about her and He knows exactly how her time in Israel will continue.

Taleen already has the most amazing identity with her few days of life: she is a princess, the daughter of the most high King. It amazes me every time to meet these wonderful children and to be a witness of the amazing things God has put into them and the stories He has written. We can be sure that we don’t need to understand everything because He does and He is caring with so much love. Little Taleen will always lay in the safest place of all: God’s arms.