A New Boy Going Back Home

Today it was a great joy to hear that Ahmed was going to be discharged because his story is a real miracle. Surprisingly he spent only a few weeks in the hospital, being an emergency case at the beginning and now he is able to go home! When I went to his room I saw a big box with medication and a nurse talking to mom. When his mom saw me she had a beautiful, big smile and with her sweet voice she told me, “He is ready!” I was really thankful to God to see Ahmed with a beautiful color in his skin, without supplemental oxygen, without NG tube or any other machine. The nurse gave us all of the information that mom needs to take good care of his child. Also, because of the situation in Gaza the hospital gave them part of the medication that he needs to take, since it is so difficult to find it there. He will need some blood tests and follow-up in one week in Gaza, and in around one month he will come back to Israel for follow-up with the neurologist and cardiologist. I am sure that we will be so happy to see them again. Before we left the hospital one of the doctors who can speak Arabic answered every question that Mom had.

Finally we were ready to go and retrieve the car to leave the hospital. Before we took Ahmed back to Gaza, we needed to go first to the Shevet house to drop off one of our Kurdish families. This was great opportunity for some of our  volunteers to see her again and talk to her. She was really happy to see them and she was reminded that we are continually praying for her and for her beautiful family.

Finally Julio took  them to the border. She was very tired and fell asleep along the way. I can say that she felt the peace of God over them after all those days of suffering and now going back home with a healthy boy.

I was very happy to know that in a few minutes Ahmed was going to be with his father. I know that the situation in Gaza is so difficult but I also know that God loves them and He has everything under control. Dad will see that Ahmed is a new boy coming back home to him. Thanks to the Lord!