A new chapter

After nine months in the Sheba Medical Center, little Abed was discharged today. An ambulance came this morning to pick him. There was finally a free bed for him in the hospital in Gaza, so he can be close to his family.

Before they left the hospital I played a little bit with him, fed him and his mom dressed him in completely new clothes for the occasion. Now a new chapter in his life will begin. His mom was very excited to return home, but also a little bit worried how everything will work. But first things first, this evening she will have a welcome party at her home and she is really looking forward to it.

We will miss Abed and his wonderful mother, but we are so happy for him that he could finally go home. We enjoyed the time with them here, especially as we could talk English with his mom.

Let’s thank God for everything He did in Abed’s life and pray for Abed’s whole family!