A new PEG tube

Our little Maryam was doing well on her PEG feeding tube – but she doesn’t seem to like it very much. After the weekend, she dislodged her┬átube four times, and right now she has a temporary Foley catheter to her stomach.

Today the surgeons will replace her PEG tube. They are still hoping that she will be doing well enough to discharge this week. Her grandmother is definitely looking forward to going home, but she wants to make sure that her beloved granddaughter gets the best possible care, whatever it takes.

Today little Maryam was a bit tired, but she enjoyed playing with coworker Elise for a few minutes. Please pray that her new PEG tube works well, and that our sweet girl will be able to return to her mother soon. Her life is a miracle, and we pray that God will continue to grant her a special blessing throughout her life.