A new plan

The cardiac team at Sheba hospital discussed Hena’s case at their meeting this morning, and decided that overall she is not yet a suitable candidate for the Glenn surgery due to her pulmonary arteries being too small. The timing of Hena’s surgery, as with all surgeries, is important. If the surgery is performed on a heart which isn’t yet ready, it can be dangerous to change the blood flow going through narrow arteries which cannot cope. The doctors are also needing to take into consideration Hena’s family desire to have her back in Iraq with them.

It was proposed today during her echo appointment, that their best decision from the medical team would be to carry out a surgery to place another stent. This would serve two purposes, one being that the increased aortic blood flow through the stent will help her pulmonary arteries to grow and become ready for the Glenn surgery. The second purpose is that it would make it safe for Hena to return to Iraq, waiting and growing there. At the moment in her current state, it is not medically recommended for Hena to leave the place where she would be able to have a cardiac surgery. In the event of any problems with her single stent, there would be no opportunity for intervention.

Some of us here who have grown to care about Hena, remember a shock from about two years ago when a baby’s stent failed, and he died, which really dials up the emotional element of this situation.

The hospital team have come up with this plan, which is being discussed by Hena’s family. Of course there are multiple factors involved in this decision and at the moment, it’s not clear what the family’s decision will be.

Please pray that there will be God’s wisdom, His very best, His peace and safety over the precious life and future of Hena, which is the shared goal and vision of us all.