A new secret about Neena

Our journey started earlier than expected today. We were originally going to leave at 8:30 but found out at about 11 pm last night that we needed to leave at 6:30 am. At least maybe the traffic won’t be as bad right? Or not! Oh well! Neena slept most of the way to the hospital and was a very happy camper this morning, playing calmly in her stroller while waiting for her turn in CT.

There were several small miracles to the morning. In my grogginess, I forgot to grab her file which meant no passport photos, no appointment letter, and no payment letter: 3 very important items for arrival at Sheba Hospital admissions. I texted  co-worker Colin to send me photos and prayed that we could get through okay. We got through security just fine, they took the photo of the appointment letter, but wanted a copy of the payment letter. Colin had sent me scans of this, but when I went to upload it, I remembered that my email hasn’t been letting me upload files to send. Quick prayer! Lord please help this go through! And it did! Hallelujah!

We only had to wait a short time before they called us in and it was the same anesthesiologist as before so he knew Neena and she recognized him which always helps. She did very well today, everything went very smoothly and she only cried a little upon waking up because she didn’t like the oxygen monitor on her finger. It was while she was crying that I discovered the new secret for getting Neena to stop crying. Bubbles!

I bought bubbles the other day and put them in my backpack. I found them in there today when looking for something else to entertain Neena with and discovered she loves them! She stopped crying immediately and her tears were replaced by her beautiful smile and then laughter and delight! Every time I brought them out today she got a big smile and began to laugh. Yay! She was very pleased to go visit little Rovar after we finished, and then was able to play for a bit in the playroom at the hospital while waiting for her ride home.

Please continue to keep her in your prayers as we wait for the Doctors to discuss the results of her CT and decide how to proceed. The Father’s hand is at work in all things big and small. Blessed be His Name!