A night in Ashdod

When we picked up Nadeen and her loving mother at the Gaza border today, we could see at first sight how cute she is. It was great to spend so much time with her today, although our hospital day didn’t last that long.

We arrived at Sheba Hospital and wanted to check Nadeen in for her gastroenterology appointment, when the secretaries told us Nadeen’s  doctor wasn’t here today. They already changed the appointment but didn’t tell us. So we talked with the secretaries for a while and now her new appointment is tomorrow. Nadeens mother was not quite happy about this because she has to stay in Ashdod for a night. But until now, it seems to be okay for her to spend more time with us and she is very understanding that we couldn’t change what happened.

Let’s pray for cute Nadeen, that her appointment tomorrow will go well at the hospital and please pray for patience for her mother, a good time here in Ashdod and that they can hopefully return home tomorrow.