A normal EEG

Leen and her mother celebrated Thanksgiving in Jaffa with the Shevet community. That was a wonderful experience for them and us. Today it was appointed for them to have a conversation with their doctor about her EEG from last week.

Before we went to the doctor with Leen and her mom, Leen of course didn’t miss the opportunity to use the playground equipment for a few minutes in a children’s waiting area.

After a short wait, we went to the doctor’s room. However, it seemed that he still had something to do, so we had to wait for him a little bit longer. Leen spent the time painting a little bit and playing with some equipment the doctor had in his room.

In the conversation in which the doctor shared the results of the EEG, Leen’s mother was told that everything was fine and thank God there was nothing unusual to see on the EEG of Leen. Leen just needs to continue taking her medication and come back in a couple of months for a check-up.

Thank you for your prayers. Please continue your prayers for precious Leen and her loving mother.